Destiny 2 Will Reward Clans for Completing Objectives

Destiny 2 releases September 6, 2017 for PS4 and Xbox One, and October 24th for PC.

Destiny 2

It may have taken some time for Bungie to implement, but Destiny will finally get a dedicated clan feature when Destiny 2 launches next month. Players that have been in clans since Destiny 1 released have long asked for ways to interact with their clan mates in-game, and now they will finally get their wish.

On top of that, being a part of a clan will be more rewarding in Destiny 2. As Community Manager David “Deej” Dague explains, the development team wants to offer players incentives for joining clans and completing objectives as part of a clan.

You’ll find that being a member of a clan is extremely beneficial. Every member of your clan will earn rewards as you do things and the more you do things the more they will be rewarded. One of the obstacles to the “doin” is getting six people together to do…You’ll understand the clan progression and the clan rewards system when you play. I’ll leave that to the social designers to break to you in the game.  The fact that clans are more accessible in the game – You know, we used to give people free real estate in our community, on our website, in the Destiny Companion. Somebody who wants to become a digital warlord could go in and say “I’m starting my clan. I’m inviting people to come in.” Now that experience can exist away from the second screen and they can, inside of the game, facilitate recruitment.

In Destiny 1, being in a clan had very little value outside of the community and camaraderie associated with being a part of a group. Eventually, Bungie added the ability to see clan mates in a separate roster, but the interactivity didn’t extend much further than that.

Destiny 2, however, is trying to make clans feel as much a part of the experience as friends. The devs also apparently want to encourage everyone to group up by offering those rewards.

destiny 2 clan menu

While DeeJ doesn’t say what the clan rewards might be, it likely won’t be too hard to find them out once Destiny 2 launches. For the sequel, Bungie has added a Milestones tab that tracks every potential activity a player can complete, either once per account, once per week, or daily. Moreover, each of these milestone objectives will carry a potential reward, which Destiny 2will make known to the player.

Ultimately, the Milestones tab is a way for players to keep pushing forward in Destiny 2 without any questions about what to do next. But that doesn’t mean every activity will be easy to complete. Some will require help from fellow Guardians, which is another way the clan’s feature can be beneficial.

Not only will the clans feature help players coordinate raids or Nightfall Strike runs, but it will also let clans seek out additional players via the Guided Games feature. As Deej explains, Guided Games is a resource that can help those clans that may be missing one or two players for a raid. On top of that, Guided Games can also help clans recruit new members, who will then help the entire group earn those aforementioned rewards.

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Destiny 2 Will Reward Clans for Completing Objectives

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Destiny 2 Will Reward Clans for Completing Objectives

It may have taken some time for Bungie to implement, but Destiny will finally get a dedicated clan feature when Destiny 2 launches next month...
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