Horizon: Zero Dawn The Frozen Wilds – Pigment Location Guide

Horizon Zero Dawn and The Frozen Wilds expansion are available now, exclusively for PlayStation 4.

Horizon: Zero Dawn

Guerrilla Games has another hit IP on its hands to go alongside its gritty first-person shooter franchise, KillzoneHorizon: Zero Dawn took the gaming world by storm when it launched earlier this year, setting numerous records and becoming Sony’s biggest launch ever. With the launch of its first and only expansion pack, fans finally have a new reason to return to the well-received game, which adds a new land to explore as well as many new dangers.

The new story expansion takes the main protagonist Aloy to a new location in the north, a place where the isolated Banuk tribe calls home. This cold and snowy landscape, Aloy undertakes a mission to discover what’s going on with the nearby Mountain, while fending off new threats like the fast-moving Scorcher. In the town of Song’s Edge, a painter tasks Aloy with locating nine hidden pigments. Ultimately, this collection is tied in directly to the main quest For the Werak, as finding these pigments gains Aloy favor with the local Banuk tribe and allows here to challenge the Song’s Edge leader, Aratak, for control.


This Horizon: Zero Dawn guide will provide all the pigment locations in and around The Cut. One thing to note is that most Banuk merchants also sell a map which highlights the general location of each pigment on the map as well. It’s located in the special section of their inventory and typically involves some sort of trade for animal skins or machine parts.

Light Salt Pigment

The first pigment isn’t too far away from Song’s Edge. Head north of the town to a small camp set up around a hot spring, where the first pigment can be found to the left at the edge of the encampment. Keep an eye out for the purple icon.

Medium Salt Pigment

Found at Stone Yield, this town first starts out under control of bandits to the east. We recommend clearing out the entire bandit camp and take out the boss before looking for this one. The pigment itself can be found at the top of a small stone cliff resting on the top of a frozen pool of water, almost directly under the location where the bandit boss was found.

Dark Salt Pigment

Almost directly in the center of The Cut, east of Hollow Hall and west of the bandit camp Stone Yield, players can locate this pigment in the center of a collection of trees near a fork in the road. There’s also a heard of watchers near this location as well.

Light Crystal Pigment

Located in the expansive Frost figures area of the map at the base of a mountain, this location is also where the final challenge of the For the Werak quest takes place. The easiest path is to go north from the bonfire located south of the area and follow the marked path until a zip line is found. The pigment can be grabbed at the base of a tree in the center of a small rock formation.

Medium Crystal Pigment

Directly north of Stone Yield, the pigment is right off the path heading towards a Chargers site.

Dark Crystal Pigment

Located north of the Frostclaw arena, this pigment requires quite a bit of climbing and platforming to get to. The recommended path is to approach the mountains from the north and find a snowy path that’ll take Aloy up. The pigment itself isn’t at the highest point, but players will need to utilize a rope that spans the two mountains to get the taller side.

Light Oxide Pigment

The easiest time to grab this pigment is during The Shaman’s Path quest at the point where Aloy needs to climb a ladder to reach a bridge mechanism. Instead of using the ladder, continue past it to find the pigment straight ahead. Players can return here at a later point as well if they missed it the first time around. The location is in the north-west section of the map.

horizon zero dawn banuk town

Medium Oxide Pigment

Just northeast of Song’s Edge or to the south-west from Longnotch, this pigment is found on the north bank of the frozen lake. This can also be found just off the path during the Firebreak mission as well.

Dark Oxide Pigment

The final pigment is found just on the edge of the woods to the west by a frozen pond where Banuk fishermen gather. The point is found in the middle of a triangle of bonfire icons to the west.

The Reward

One all pigments are found, players can take them to a merchant named Sekuli, the Rock Painter at Song’s Edge. Just like past collectible rewards in the base game and this expansion, players receive special reward boxes for their effort. Typically, these treasures include crafting parts, blue gleam, and two powerful modifications.

In addition to reward boxes, if players opt to help Sekuli find these pigments during the For the Werak main quest, she’ll help Aloy gain recognition within the werak which goes towards satisfying one of the two necessary requirements to complete the quest.

Source: VG247

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Horizon: Zero Dawn The Frozen Wilds – Pigment Location Guide

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Horizon: Zero Dawn The Frozen Wilds – Pigment Location Guide

Guerrilla Games has another hit IP on its hands to go alongside its gritty first-person shooter franchise, Killzone. Horizon: Zero Dawn took...
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