How to Transfer Data from PS4 to PS4 Pro

With the PlayStation 4 Pro now available, plenty of gamers have been digging in to see exactly what the updated Sony console can offer, and just how good those launch titles can look. However, given the popularity of the original PS4, there’s bound to be some that are a little bit anxious about losing their precious data when moving on to the enhanced console. Thankfully, Sony has included means for gamers to avoid having to start from scratch.

In order to transfer over data from one console to the other, including games and settings, users will need to have the following set-up in place. They’ll need a LAN cable, for both consoles to be turned on, and to have access to a broadband network. Both the original PS4 and the PS4 Pro will also need to be updated to the latest system software. To check this is in place, go to Settings, and then to System Software Update.

Then, both PS4 consoles will need to be connected to the user’s home broadband network, via WiFi or with LAN cables, and then be connected to PlayStation Network. The PS4 Pro will also need to be connected to the gamer’s TV, so that they can sign on to the PSN. Once that has been completed, the user will then be prompted to confirm if they wish to transfer data from another PS4.


The final step will then ask if the user wants to set up the new console as the primary PS4. Doing this is important, as the primary console will be the one that downloads updates, and uploads save data to PS Plus cloud storage.

It’s important to note exactly what can be transferred and what cannot. All game data can be transferred over, including downloaded PS Store games, installed data from disc copy games, and saved game data. Alongside this, screenshots, folders, and synched trophy data is also available, as well as PSN friend messages and profile data of users that have signed into the PS4 with a PSN ID. However, password data for apps and PSN will not be kept, and neither will un-synched trophy data or profile data for non-PSN users.

If the player’s old PS4 is no longer available due to trade-in, then the data transfer screen can be exited through choosing the Cancel option. However, Sony has stated that those players can still re-download games that were initially purchased via the PlayStation Store or PS Plus. PS Plus members who have saved game data via cloud storage will also be able to access that data.

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Sony has given PS4 Pro users looking to transfer data over some other helpful hints and tips over at the official PlayStation blog. In particular, the post is quick to point out that this process can also be used for those looking to transfer data between two normal PS4 consoles, so those looking for an upgraded hard drive can also keep their game data. There is also a warning that any data on the new console before the data transfer takes place will be wiped – so don’t get too deep into a game before decided to transfer over.

Just how the PS4 Pro will hold up overall remains to be seen, but Sony fans are certainly excited to find out how far the console will push graphical boundaries. Although Until Dawn will not be receiving a PS4 Pro patch, plenty of other games are going to utilize the added oomph that the Pro provides, with The Last Guardian upscaling to 4k on PS4 Pro. Hopefully, the console will live up to the expectations set, and owners will have no trouble transferring over old save data.

PS4 Pro is available now.

Source: Sony

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How to Transfer Data from PS4 to PS4 Pro

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How to Transfer Data from PS4 to PS4 Pro

With the PlayStation 4 Pro now available, plenty of gamers have been digging in to see exactly what the updated Sony console can offer, and just...
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