Kingdom Hearts HD 2.8 Guide: Complete All Objectives

Kingdom Hearts HD 2.8 Final Chapter Prologue might appear a bit scattershot at times, but the collection has clearly been put together with care. Whether it is the vast improvements that Square Enix has made to the graphics of the older Kingdom Hearts Dream Drop Distance or the dedicated hour-long feature detailing the back story of the Keyblade War in Kingdom Hearts X Back Cover, it is clear that Kingdom Hearts HD 2.8 Final Chapter Prologue is a labor of love.

While that labor hasn’t prevented the inevitable passage of time that had dated the main game, Dream Drop Distance HD, and its combat, it has created a tantalizing look at the future of the series in Kingdom Hearts 0.2: Birth By Sleep – A Fragmentary Passage. Although the Fragmentary Passage portion of the collection only takes a few hours to beat, Square Enix has provided the game with a huge amount of challenges and secrets that should keep gamers quite busy despite its relatively short narrative – to say nothing of Kingdom Hearts 0.2: Birth By Sleep – A Fragmentary Passage‘s combat, which should keep fans happy in anticipation of the eventual release of Kingdom Hearts 3.

Perhaps the most interesting thing for fans of Aqua, however, is the fact that Square has also given players some control over her wardrobe as she does battle with the Heartless in the Dark World. These wardrobe options are unlocked by completing a series of challenges that become gradually more difficult as the game progresses, with the wardrobe options scaling as sillier or more interesting as the objectives get harder. Although Kingdom Hearts 3 will be shown later this year and steal the spotlight back from Aqua, Square is clearly a believer in her drawing power as a protagonist, and judging from the interest shown in completing objectives in Kingdom Hearts 0.2, that faith has not been misplaced.

kingdom hearts 2-8 ven flashback

If you’re interested in customizing Aqua’s appearance as much as possible, or if you’re just a completionist looking to 100% the latest Kingdom Hearts title, Game Rant has you covered. Here’s our comprehensive list of each objective that will need to be completed in Kingdom Hearts 0.2: Birth By Sleep – A Fragmentary Passage, alongside each wardrobe unlock that comes with beating them.

Kingdom Hearts 0.2: Birth By Sleep – A Fragmentary Passage Objectives and Rewards

  • Objective 1: Defeat 30 Shadows (unlocks Figaro)
  • Objective 2: Defeat 45 Flutterings (unlocks Coil Pink)
  • Objective 3: Defeat 40 Flame Cores (unlocks Cyber Antennae)
  • Objective 4: Defeat 30 Neoshadows (unlocks Antennae)
  • Objective 5: Defeat 20 Water Cores (unlocks Mecha Blue)
  • Objective 6: Defeat 20 Earth Cores (unlocks Classy Yellow)
  • Objective 7: Reach level 60 (unlocks Royal Pauldron)
  • Objective 8: Reach level 70 (unlocks Divine Back)
  • Objective 9: Reach level 80 (unlocks Venus Tiara)
  • Objective 10: Guard and counter Heartless five times (unlocks Flawless Wings)
  • Objective 11: Use fire magic on 30 Heartless (unlocks Cyber Blades)
  • Objective 12: Use ice magic on 30 Heartless (unlocks Blades)
  • Objective 13: Use thunder magic on 30 Heartless (unlocks Mystic Pauldron)
  • Objective 14: Use ice magic to create a rail then ride a long distance (unlocks Flawless Arm Guards)
  • Objective 15: Freeze and destroy five Heartless (unlocks Grace Purple)
  • Objective 16: Defeat one Heartless using its magic elemental weakness (unlocks Voltaic Arm Plate)
  • Objective 17: Defeat five Heartless in mid-air (unlocks Radiant Ornament)
  • Objective 18: Get excellent rating six times in Shotlock mini-game (unlocks Diamond White)
  • Objective 19: Defeat 50 Heartless with style change (unlocks Diamond Green)
  • Objective 20: Activate Spellweaver finishing move (unlocks Classy Blue)
  • Objective 21: Activate Spellweaver finishing move after putting customization items in all slots (unlocks Ribbons)
  • Objective 22: Equip one wardrobe item (unlocks Mecha Pink)
  • Objective 23: Hit 20 streetlamps (unlock Grace Blue)
  • Objective 24: Reach the highest point in Castle Town (unlocks Wings)
  • Objective 25: Watch for the meteor shower in Castle Town (unlocks Arm Guards)
  • Objective 26: Defeat all Heartless in the Secret Room in World Within (unlocks Mecha Yellow)
  • Objective 27: Win the encounter within the Secret Room in World Within (unlocks Stitching)
  • Objective 28: Get the item that unlocks the Secret Room in World Within (unlocks Arm Plate)
  • Objective 29: Collect the seven white gems (unlocks Marie)
  • Objective 30: Examine the small rock with strange patterns as you interact with the mirror in World Within (unlocks Lace Crystal)
  • Objective 31: Perform a spin move during the Phantom Aqua fight (unlocks Royal Tiara)
  • Objective 32: Defeat three Darksiders (unlocks Phantom Blue)
  • Objective 33: Destroy 50 ivy branches (unlocks Coil White)
  • Objective 34: Find flowers that represent Flora, Fauna, and Merryweather (unlocks Minnie Ears Blue)
  • Objective 35: Link with Mickey five times (unlocks Minnie Ears Red)
  • Objective 36: Defeat Demon Tower with Spellweaver (unlocks Cheshire Cat)
  • Objective 37: Collect all treasure chests in Castle Town (unlocks Coil Yellow)
  • Objective 38: Find all Lingering Memories in Castle Town (unlocks Warrior’s Arm Plate)
  • Objective 39: Collect all treasure chests in World Within (unlocks Minnie Ears White)
  • Objective 40: Find all Lingering Memories in World Within (unlocks Warrior’s Arm Plate)
  • Objective 41: Defeat Phantom Aqua’s third form taking no damage (unlocks Lustrous Wings)
  • Objective 42: Complete the secret boss rush in World Within (unlocks Tiara)
  • Objective 43: Find all Zodiac Relics in World Within (unlocks Pauldron)
  • Objective 44: Collect all treasure chests in the Forest of Thorns (unlocks Diamond Pattern)
  • Objective 45: Find all Lingering Memories in the Forest of Thorns (unlocks Pulse Feeler)
  • Objective 46: Avoid attacks while riding the rail (unlocks Feather Guard)
  • Objective 47: Defeat Darkside without taking any damage (unlocks Flower Race)
  • Objective 48: Collect all treasure chests in the Forest of Thorns (unlocks Grace Pink)
  • Objective 49: Find all Lingering Memories in the Depths of Darkness (unlocks Iron Ornament)
  • Objective 50: Link with Mickey to defeat the Demon Tower in the Depths of Darkness (unlocks Polkadots)
  • Objective 51: Defeat the Devil’s Wave in Critical Mode in Destiny Islands (unlocks Crisscross)

Kingdom Hearts HD 2.8 Final Chapter Prologue is available now for PS4.

Source: Gamerant

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Kingdom Hearts HD 2.8 Guide: Complete All Objectives

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Kingdom Hearts HD 2.8 Guide: Complete All Objectives

Kingdom Hearts HD 2.8 Final Chapter Prologue might appear a bit scattershot at times, but the collection has clearly been put together with care...
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