Monster Hunter World: Every Monster Weakness

Monster Hunter: World is available now on the Xbox One and PlayStation 4, and has a planned release for PC later this year.

Monster Hunter: World

While players may wish to look at augmenting their weapons and armor to gain an additional edge against their prey, the primary concern for hunters should be what damage types and status effects each monster is weak or resistant to. In Monster Hunter: World, there are six elemental damage types; Fire, Water, Thunder, Ice, Dragon, and Blast, and there are also four different status effects which can be applied to monsters; Stun, Paralysis, Sleep, and Poison.

Every monster in the game is weak to some of these and resistant to others, and the list below details exactly what each monster’s weaknesses are. The list is split between regular monsters and the game’s Elder Dragons, which appear only in the late stages of the game. Finding and completing Elder Dragon investigation missions can be tricky, so players should take care to exploit the Elder Dragons’ weaknesses.



As one might expect, the fire-breathing Anjanath has a high resistance to both Fire and Blast, so hunters should avoid those forms of damage when attempting to bring down one of these brutes. Anjanaths are also quite resistant to Poison, though other status effects affect them normally. Its key vulnerability is Water, which it has next to no resistance against.


Blast damage is the best friend of hunters going after this dweller in the Wildspire Wastes. The Barroth is unusual amongst Monster Hunter: World’s many beasts in that when it coats itself in mud, its resistances and vulnerabilities change. Blast, however, is highly effective against both stages. When the Barroth is uncovered, it is also vulnerable to Fire, but practically immune to Water. Once it has coated itself in mud, this switch and it becomes vulnerable to Water and highly resistant to Fire. In both forms, it is almost immune to Thunder and resistant to Dragon-type damage. When it comes to status effects, Barroths are susceptible to both Poison and Paralysis, but Sleep, and particularly Stun, are less effective.


As one of the strongest monsters in Monster Hunter: World, besides the Elder Dragons, Bazelgeuse has few weaknesses. The only damage type this beast is vulnerable to is Thunder, but it is all but unaffected by Fire, and resistant to Water and Blast, as well as the Stun status effect. Other status effects should be able to affect it normally. Given this monster’s speed and diving ambush attacks, hunters should consider arming themselves well to exploit Bazelgeuse’s weakness to Thunder.

Monster Hunter World's Diablos is Vulnerable to Paralysis


Known as the “Horned Tyrant,” this apex predator of the Wildspire Wastes can be tricky to bring down due to its penchant for bursting up from beneath the sand. Hunters having trouble with this monster can turn to both Ice damage and the Paralysis status effect, both of which Diablos is highly vulnerable to. Hunters should avoid Fire, which Diablos is all but immune to, as well as Thunder-type damage and the Stun status effect, which the beast is resistant against.

Black Diablos

More aggressive, female Diablos, the Black Diablos has the same resistances and vulnerabilities as its more common counterpart, but with a high resistance to Dragon-type damage. Hunters going after this beast may wish to exploit its weakness to Paralysis with the use of Shock Traps and other effects.


This explosive monster is, as one might expect, almost immune to Fire and highly resistant to both Blast and Dragon. It is vulnerable to Thunder-type damage, however, as well as the Poison status effect, though it is vulnerable to all of the other status effects to a lesser degree as well.

Great Girros

Dwelling in the effluvia-choked caves of the Rotten Vale, the Great Girros can be tough to deal with due to its ability to call on packs of lesser Girros to fight alongside it. Hunters who aim to bring down one of the beasts may wish to arm themselves with Water-type weapons or ways to inflict the Sleep status effect, as the Great Girros is weak against both. The monster is highly resistant to Paralysis and Dragon, however, and almost immune to Thunder-type damage.

Great Jagras

The first monster that hunters are tasked with bringing down in Monster Hunter: World, the Great Jagras is highly resistant to Water-type damage, and has significant resistance to Dragon as well. However, it is weak against almost everything else, including Fire and Blast, as well as all four status effects, although plenty of hunters may not feel the need to optimize against this relatively weak creature.

Monster Hunter World's Jyuratodus is Vulnerable to Thunder


Like the Barroth, another beast which shares its territory in the Wildspire Wastes, the Jyuratodus has slightly different resistances and vulnerabilities depending on whether it is coated in mud. At all times, the monster is resistant to the Dragon, Ice, and Blast damage types, as well as the Paralysis status effect, though it is also vulnerable to Stun. When coated in mud, the Jyuratodus becomes almost immune to Thunder and Fire but becomes very weak against Water-type damage. When the mud has been broken off, its resistance to Fire decreases somewhat (though it is still quite resistant), while its vulnerability to Thunder and Water is reversed, becoming weak against Thunder and highly resistant to Water.


Like the Great Jagras, another early-game monster, the Kulu-Ya-Ku has plenty of weaknesses. It is equally weak to almost everything, with no particular resistances, although it is especially vulnerable to Water-type damage.


A lava-dwelling variant of the Jyuratodus, this monster doesn’t coat itself in mud but is capable of hardening its lava shell. In all stages, the monster is weak against the Poison status effect and resistant to Sleep, as well as Dragon and Blast-type damage. When its lava shell is hardened, it is highly resistant to Fire and almost immune to Ice and Thunder. When the shell isn’t hardened, its Fire resistance actually increases slightly, while it becomes somewhat vulnerable to Ice and Thunder. Water-type damage works reasonably well against a Lavasioth, but when its shell isn’t hardened, the beast becomes especially weak against Water.


The apex monster of the Coral Highlands, Legiana’s speed, and water blight attacks can make it difficult to deal with. Hunters who are having trouble with Legiana should turn to Thunder damage and the Poison status effect, which the monster is especially weak against. Water and Dragon damage should be avoided, as well as Ice, which the Legiana is, unsurprisingly, highly resistant against.

Monster Hunter World's Odogaron is Vulnerable to Ice


This nightmarish, wolf-like monster is the apex predator of the Rotten Vale and is both extremely aggressive and extremely fast. Hunters struggling to bring it down quickly should make use of Ice damage and Paralysis, which Odogaron is weak against. The monster is resistant to Fire, Water, and Poison, however, and almost immune to Dragon-type damage.


A bizarre monster that dwells in the Coral Highlands, Paolumu is vulnerable to both Fire and Blast, in addition to the Stun status effect. The buoyant beast is resistant to Ice and Dragon-type damage, however, and highly resistant to Water. It has no resistances to other status effects, so hunters looking to bring down a Paolumu can make full use of such effects.


A strange wyvern with the head of a chameleon, the Pukei-Pukei is especially vulnerable to the Sleep status effect and Thunder damage. Hunters should avoid Water damage, however, due to the beast’s high resistance against it. It is also resistant, though to a lesser degree, to Dragon-type damage and Poison.


The Radobaan’s bone-encrusted form has a whole array of resistances; Fire, Water, Thunder, and Sleep are all equally ineffective against this monster. Hunters looking to take down a Radobaan should make use of Dragon and Blast damage, which the beast is weak against. Radobaans are not weak against any status effects, but Stun, Poison, and Paralysis should all affect them normally.

Monster Hunter World's Rathalos is Vulnerable to Dragon


Hunters looking to take down the “King of the Skies” should avoid Fire damage, as the Rathalos is all but immune. The draconic beast is also highly resistant to Water, Ice, and Blast, as well as the Poison status effect. Its only vulnerability is the Dragon damage type, so hunters should aim to equip themselves with Dragon-type weapons if they find themselves having trouble with this monster.

Azure Rathalos

This stronger, blue-hued variant of the Rathalos has most of the same resistances and vulnerabilities as its red-scaled cousins. It is no longer resistant to Thunder, however, but in exchange, it gains resistance to Ice. Like the ordinary Rathalos, an Azure Rathalos is still vulnerable to Dragon-type damage.


Known as the “Queen of the Land,” the Rathian resembles a smaller, green-scaled Rathalos, and has very similar resistances. Rathians are highly resistant to Fire and have reliable resistances against Water, Ice, and Blast, as well as Poison. Like the Rathalos, it is weak against Dragon-type damage, but unlike the larger wyvern, it is also vulnerable to Stun.

Pink Rathian

More dangerous and colored pink instead of green, the Pink Rathian, unlike the Azure Rathalos, has precisely identical weaknesses and resistances to those of its lesser kin.


This tree-dwelling monster, native to the Ancient Forest, is particularly vulnerable to Water-type damage, along with the Poison status effect. As one might expect from its attacks and appearance, the Tobi-Kadachi is almost immune to Thunder, and it is also resistant to Dragon damage.


Similar to the Kulu-Ya-Ku, this monster dwells in the Coral Highlands and has the irritating habit of inflicting paralysis with flashes of light from its crest. Hunters looking to bring this monster down quickly should equip themselves with Ice or Thunder weapons, damage types which it is weak against. Fortunately for hunters, the Tzitzi-Ya-Ku is similar to the Kulu-Ya-Ku in that is has no resistances. It is equally vulnerable to all status effects.

Monster Hunter World's Uragaan is Vulnerable to Water


Similar to the Radobaan and native to Elder’s Recess, the Uragaan is all but immune to Fire, and resistant to both Thunder and the Sleep status effect. Hunters should make use of Water-type damage, as well as the Stun and Poison status effects, all of which the monster is weak against.

Elder Dragons:


Hunters going after this Elder Dragon should arm themselves with Fire-type weapons, which is Kirin’s only notable weakness. The dragon is all but immune to Thunder damage and Paralysis and is also resistant to Dragon-type damage, as well as the Stun and Poison status effects.

Kushala Daora

Found in the Ancient Forest and Elder’s Recess, this Elder Dragon has more vulnerabilities than Kirin. Hunters looking to bring down this monster should make use of Thunder and Blast-type damage, as well as Poison. Hunters should, however, avoid both Water and Ice, which Kushala Daora is highly resistant to, as well as Fire damage and the Sleep and Paralysis status effects.

Monster Hunter World's Nergigante is Vulnerable to Thunder


The first Elder Dragon that players encounter, with the exception of Zorah Magdaros, Nergigante can be very difficult to bring down. Hunters looking for an edge against the spiny brute should equip themselves with Thunder-type weapons, which are Nergigante’s only weakness. Fire, Water, and Ice damage should all be avoided, as the dragon is resistant to all three. The elder dragon is not, however, resistant to any of the four status effects.


This fiery Elder Dragon is, unsurprisingly, practically immune to Fire damage, though it also boasts an array of resistances that include Thunder, Dragon, and Blast, as well as the Sleep and Paralysis status effects. Hunters hoping to bring down Teostra should arm themselves with Water and Ice-type weapons, which are the dragon’s only weaknesses.

Vaal Hazak

An Elder Dragon that dwells in the darkest depths of the Rotten Vale, Vaal Hazak is practically immune to Water-type damage. Hunters going after this monster are best armed with Fire and Dragon-type weapons, which the elder dragon is weak against. It is resistant to Thunder, as well as the Poison, Sleep, and Paralysis status effects. Only Stun has a reasonable chance of working on Vaal Hazak.


The final boss of Monster Hunter: World’s story mode, the Xeno’jiiva is a fearsome adversary, but has fewer resistances than one might expect for a monster of its caliber. Hunters should take advantage of its weakness to Poison, but oddly, all forms of damage work equally well against the elder dragon. Its only resistances are to the Stun, Paralysis, and Sleep status effects. Of the three, it is almost immune to Sleep.

Monster Hunter World's Zorah Magdaros is Vulnerable to Water

Zorah Magdaros

The biggest Elder Dragon by a significant margin, Zorah Magdaros has the best resistances of any monster in Monster Hunter: World. The colossal elder dragon is completely immune to all status effects and is only vulnerable to damage at all in a handful of specific locations on its enormous body. At those locations, it is highly resistant to Fire and Blast, and also resistant to a lesser degree of Thunder, but it is weak against Water and Dragon-type damage.

If hunters want to get every advantage they can against their intended target, they should also consider eating at the canteen before each mission, as different meals can provide boosts to a player’s attack, defense, or other statistics.

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Monster Hunter World: Every Monster Weakness

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Monster Hunter World: Every Monster Weakness

In Monster Hunter: World, there are six elemental damage types; Fire, Water, Thunder, Ice, Dragon, and Blast, and there are also four different status effects which can be applied to monsters; Stun, Paralysis, Sleep...
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