Monster Hunter World Review Roundup

Monster Hunter: World is set to launch on January 26 for PS4 and Xbox One. A PC release is set for some time this fall.

Monster Hunter World

Monster Hunter World has been pitched as a major step forward for the action RPG franchise. Capcom has promised that the new game will have a huge map, allowing players to move seamlessly through it. It will also feature more impressive monster battles, as well as quests to complete, and armor to collect, which is everything that fans expect.

But Monster Hunter World isn’t just a game for longstanding fans; it is also a game that will bring in many newcomers. Everyone is eager to find out whether Capcom has managed to create a game that appeals to old and new fans alike and whether this big game franchise has really gotten better. Take a look at some of the Monster Hunter World reviews below.

The Telegraph (Tom Hoggins):

This is the thing that makes Monster Hunter: World such a fabulous video game. The compelling loop of escalation, anticipation and constant improvement excites from the very beginning: there is always better gear to craft and there is always a bigger beast to beat.

Score: 5/5 stars

TechRadar (Dom Reseigh-Lincoln):

[Monster ecosystems are a] transformative characteristic that elevates every hunt and every open-ended expedition you embark on. You might be tracking a Pukei-Pukei (a flying lizard that spits poison, naturally), having slashed and drained its health to a sliver, only to have a hulking, T-rex-esque Anjanath roar its way in and attack your prey. It’s totally systemic, wildly dangerous and indicative of just how alive the game really is.

Score: Play it now

Behind the Scenes Video Examines Development for Monster Hunter World

Eurogamer (Martin Robinson)

For fresher players there are frustrations, such as the seemingly binary multiplayer scaling that makes it harder for smaller groups to overcome certain monsters than the solo hunter. There’s the clunky menus, and the many systems acquired over the years of Monster Hunter’s long history that clatter around clumsily together; there are the appendages and offshoots and dead-ends that can still, despite the best efforts of Capcom in Monster Hunter World, make it all seem infuriatingly arcane.

Score: Essential

The Verge (Sam Byford)

Sensible, practical tweaks abound. There’s a new system that helps you find the target monster by searching for tracks, rather than hoping you randomly bump into it. There are options for more Western-style control schemes — for example, you can select items through a radial menu, or click in the left analog stick to sprint. The item crafting system is streamlined to the point of almost being automatic.

Score: n/a

IGN (Joe Skrebels)

Those coming in looking for an all-encompassing adventure story will find World a little lacking, too. The central plotline – of travelling to a new continent in the wake of a migrating Elder Dragon – is a neat one, and pleasantly naturalist in tone (well, as naturalist as you can be in a game about killing mythical creatures to make shoes), but it’s nothing more than a pretext for the near-endless hunts ahead.

Score: 9.5/10

Monster Hunter World's Day One Patch Adds Poogies and Other Features - Fish monster

USGamer (Bob Mackey)

This time around, Monster Hunter provides a much-improved tutorial area where you can try out all 14 varieties of weapons with on-screen prompts to walk you through both basic and complex attacks. Outside of the training area, a small UI element in the upper-right corner of the screen shows you what all of the most essential buttons do in your current context. It’s extremely helpful, to the point where after 30 hours I noticed I’d been neglecting one of my long sword’s most powerful attacks.

Score: 5/5 stars

Game Informer (Daniel Tack)

Monster Hunter: World is the most accessible game in the series, and funnels new players into the core systems and mechanics over the first 20 hours of the game. The first low rank hours are comfortable and casual, followed by more challenging high rank fare and an expanded armor and weapons system, and then finally, Elder Dragons. End game hunts pull all your skills are put to the test, and hopefully after all the progressive challenges leading up to them you’re ready for some serious battles and top tier rewards.

Score: 9.5/10

GameSpot (Ginny Woo)

Multiplayer integration is, for the most part, seamless. As mentioned above, there’s no distinction between Village and Guild quests anymore, so missions can be done alone or with a friend, and you’ll both only have to do it once to complete it. You can start a quest alone in an online session and wait for more hunters to pop in to assist.

Score: 8/10


It seems that in many ways Monster Hunter World is the game that people hoped for. The game appeals to existing fans in more ways than just adding Poogies. Key changes include making the control scheme easier to get to grips with and making monsters much easier to track, with the tracking system appearing to be massively engrossing.

There are several changes that newcomers should appreciate too, including tutorial and crafting systems that are much easier to understand. Collecting loot and spending hours upon hours inside a captivating world should be universal experiences that anyone can enjoy and with the changes made to the franchise, Monster Hunter World opens its arms to everyone.

There are some frustrating issues, though. The game is not bug-free (some reviews described monsters clipping through and getting stuck in the environment), the camera still needs some work, and muddled menus are one thing that may put newcomers off. The game’s narrative about the Elder Dragons also won’t impress those looking for a deeper story to follow.

But on the whole, Monster Hunter World is being described as a must-have game that’s one of the best entries in an already excellent series.

Source: Gamerant

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Monster Hunter World Review Roundup

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Monster Hunter World Review Roundup

Monster Hunter World has been pitched as a major step forward for the action RPG franchise. Capcom has promised that the new game will have a huge map, allowing players...
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