Resident Evil 7 Guide: Where to Find All Bobblehead Locations

Anyone that has been playing Resident Evil 7 has probably noticed the creepy little bobblehead statues littered throughout the mansion and grounds of the Baker family plantation. Named Mr. Everywhere, it seems that the dolls are everywhere you turn, flashing their disconcerting grin at you while their heads bob up and down. Players can be forgiven the inclination to smash them on sight, even if it is only to get rid of that weird creaking noise they make, and they’ll be happy to know that destroying all 20 gives the “Mr. Nowhere” achievement.

As the name indicates, Mr. Everywhere is, well, everywhere. This doesn’t make him particularly easy to find, though, as Capcom took care to hide a few of him in some odd places. What follows is a complete guide to finding all 20 statuettes throughout Resident Evil 7 so players can smash or shoot them to their heart’s content. Note that to make progress toward the achievement, Mr. Everywhere needs to be in pieces, so make sure to do that before moving on.

This guide is as spoiler free as possible, though readers should take note that using it may ruin a few details of the game. Now, without further ado, here’s the completionists’ helper:


Main House

In a hallway on the first floor of the main house, near the entrance to the main hall, there is a pile of debris (there’s a bike on top). The dresser there has a bobblehead on it.

When entering the main hall, turn left and look behind the door: Mr. Everywhere will be bobbling away on a side table next to a pile of books.

In the laundry room, on the first floor of the main house, on the bottom shelf of the table in the center of the room.

In the drawing room (where the stag is), next to the door that has the crow pinned to it, there’s an alcove that holds a statue.

On the second floor of the house, in the recreation room on the other side of the billiards table from the door, in a wicker basket.

After the First Battle

After meeting Mia, in the processing area. Right in front of the snake door players can find a bobblehead in front of a pile of buckets but behind a cardboard box. This one is tricky to find.

Once past the three dog heads and out in the yard, there’s one Mr. Everywhere between the steps leading up to the trailer (duck to find him).

Old House

In the old house, heading down to the cellar, before heading down turn 180 degrees on the top step and there’s a doll right up against the pallet leaning against the wall.

In the old house’s save room (on the lake), there’s a statue next to one of the pictures on the left wall.

After solving a certain puzzle in the main house, players will find themselves in the crawl space beneath it. Right before turning the second corner there’s a bobblehead on a small rack.

On the old house’s second floor, near the altar room, there’s an antechamber with a small table right in the middle. Next, to the candelabra, there’s a Mr. Everywhere nodding his head.

Main House and Testing Area

On the main house’s third floor, after the snake door surrounded by tree roots, there’s a ladder leading up. Before using it, look up and there’s a Mr. Everywhere right there. Note that this one can only be shot, so find the handgun first.

Once arrived in the testing area, go to the end of the room and stand near some bales of hay; turn around and a statue on top of one of the poles can be neatly snipped to bits with either a handgun or the shotgun.

After going through the party room, head to another part of the testing area, to a room with some video equipment in it. Pass through the door, turn around and look up and there’s a Mr. Everywhere on the lintel over the door.

Boat House and Wrecked Ship

When entering the boathouse from the jetty, under the net on the floor there is a very well-hidden Mr. Everywhere under the net on the floor.

Once on the fourth floor of the wrecked ship, take the stairs back down and there’s a doll behind the railing.

On the second floor of the ship, there are some ladders leading back up. In that room, opposite the ladder, there’s a doll on a bulkhead.

Swamp and Salt Mine

In the shack in the swamp, on the window sill above the hole, you came out of.

Passing under the bridge in the salt mine, there’s a Mr. Everywhere in front of some barrels in front and above.

Last but not least: in the salt mine, near the save room, there’s an old metal storage rack with the final Mr. Everywhere. This one’s pretty easy as the noise he makes echoes around the chamber.

That makes 20, and the player who followed this guide is now in proud possession of a trophy for his or her trouble.

Still looking to earn other achievements or find more secrets in Resident Evil 7? Check out our other Resident Evil 7 guides!

Resident Evil 7 is available now for PC, PS4, PlayStation VR, and Xbox One.

Source: Gamerant

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Resident Evil 7 Guide: Where to Find All Bobblehead Locations

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Resident Evil 7 Guide: Where to Find All Bobblehead Locations

Anyone that has been playing Resident Evil 7 has probably noticed the creepy little bobblehead statues littered throughout the mansion and grounds...
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