Resident Evil 7 Guide: Where to Find the Magnum

Like many of the games that preceded it, Resident Evil 7 features a .44 magnum for players to collect. The magnum in Resident Evil 7 stands as one of the most powerful weapons available in the entire game, and so taking the steps necessary to collect it can make some of the game’s tougher boss battles a great deal less stressful for players.

The magnum is located in the trailer, itself found in the Baker family’s “Yard” area. The trailer can be accessed after completing the three-headed dog puzzle in the Main House, and inside players will find a number of goodies, including a save point, an item box, and of course, the magnum.

Unfortunately, players can’t just scoop up the magnum and be on their way. In fact, the magnum is locked inside a bird cage, next to two other items that are also locked inside cages. To unlock these cages, players need to deposit antique coins inside them, which serve as one of the three main collectibles in Resident Evil 7.

Resident Evil 7 Guide: Where to Find the Magnum - Trailer

Throughout the entirety of Resident Evil 7, players can find 18 total antique coins on the easy and normal difficulty settings, and 33 coins when playing on Madhouse difficulty. The magnum is the most expensive cage to unlock, but players can still obtain it early on in the game if they decide to forgo the stabilizer and steroids they can collect from the other two cages.

Upon receiving the magnum, magnum bullets will start to spawn in the crates dotted around the Baker family plantation, but they will be very rare. The smartest way to use the magnum is to conserve its ammunition for Resident Evil 7‘s boss battles or to help thin the herds of the Molded monsters that can make some tight areas later in the game especially difficult to navigate.

While players will mostly rely on magnum rounds randomly spawning in crates, there’s a handful that can be collected from the trailer. Specifically, some magnum rounds are located in the trailer’s toilet and can be collected at any time, even before players have amassed enough antique coins to actually purchase the magnum itself.


Since the magnum is such a powerful weapon, players should be sure to conserve its ammo. When not in use, the best place to store the magnum is in the item box. This way players can build up their collection of magnum rounds for use in one of the game’s Jack Baker boss fights or other challenging Baker family encounters.

The magnum is not necessarily the most powerful weapon players can find in the game, but it packs a serious punch and is an excellent addition to anyone’s Resident Evil 7 arsenal. The magnum makes the game’s toughest encounters much easier to handle, and while it won’t be used as much as the handgun or shotgun, it’s definitely worth the antique coins required to unlock it.

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Resident Evil 7 is available now for PC, PS4, PlayStation VR, and Xbox One.

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Resident Evil 7 Guide: Where to Find the Magnum

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Resident Evil 7 Guide: Where to Find the Magnum

Like many of the games that preceded it, Resident Evil 7 features a .44 magnum for players to collect. The magnum in Resident Evil 7 stands as one...
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