Resident Evil 7 Guide: Where to Find the Three Dog Heads

In order for players to escape from the main hall to the yard area in Resident Evil 7, they must collect three separate Dog Head items and place them in the front door. The Dog Heads are white, blue, and red, and each one is hidden in a specific area of the Baker family plantation.

Collecting the three Dog Heads is the first major objective for Resident Evil 7 players, and successfully finding them signals the end of the first part of the game.

1. White Dog Head

In the main hall, take notice of the grandfather clock leaning against the wall on the first floor. As it turns out, the clock’s pendulum can be collected, so grab it. If there’s not enough inventory space, be sure to visit the item box in the laundry room to unload some junk and make room for the pendulum.

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Take the clock pendulum back to the kitchen area where Resident Evil 7 hero Ethan Winters was subjected to a rather disturbing dinner. Adjacent to the kitchen is a den of sorts, with a couple of couches and a desk littered with boxes. Besides the interesting literature about the film crew that served as the victims in the Beginning Hour demo, players should also pay attention to the grandfather clock here.

Use the clock pendulum on the grandfather clock to receive the White Dog Head.

2. Blue Dog Head

Out of all three of the Dog, Heads players are asked to locate, the Blue Dog Head is by far the easiest to track down. In order to find it, visit the recreation room, where the Mia VHS tape is located, along with a bar and a pool table. Looting the room will yield interesting results, including a suspiciously large book that is left out in the open.

Examine this book thoroughly. By opening its pages, players will discover that the Blue Dog Head is hidden inside.

3. Red Dog Head

Resident Evil 7 Video Shows Basement Slaughterhouse - Basement stairs

Collecting the previous two Dog Heads wasn’t too difficult of a task, but obtaining the Red Dog Head is a whole other story. The Red Dog Head is located in the slaughterhouse basement area, where players face a number of serious threats. Before venturing down the stairs to the creepy white basement door, players should be sure that they are adequately equipped with healing items and ammunition.

In the basement, players will find themselves face to face with the “Molded,” which are grotesque, failed Baker family experiments that are capable of killing Ethan in just a few hits. The best course of action is to maneuver around as many of the Molded as possible to conserve ammunition for an upcoming boss battle that players have to complete in order to collect the Red Dog Head.


Before getting to the boss fight, though, players need the key to the “Dissection Room.” To get the Dissection Room key, head to the morgue area and kill the Molded inside. The incinerator doors in the morgue need to be opened in a specific order to unlock the one closest to the entrance. The trick is to open the door farthest from the entrance first, and then open the door in the middle with the red hand print. At that point, the far left door should click open.

Unfortunately, there’s more than just the Dissection Room key in the incinerator. Players also have to deal with an evolved version of the Molded, with a larger arm capable of inflicting more damage. Players that are skilled enough when it comes to outmaneuvering foes in Resident Evil 7 should just leave the room and rush through the generator area. Others will want to kill the mutated Molded in the incinerator and thin the horde a bit before advancing.

Getting through the door will reveal players to a slaughterhouse-looking area where they will find the Red Dog Head hanging from a hook. Players that decide to collect the Red Dog Head will be thrust into a taxing boss battle with Baker family patriarch Jack Baker. Once the battle with Jack is complete, though, players can take the third and final Dog Head to the door and escape into the yard.

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Resident Evil 7 is available now for PC, PS4, PlayStation VR, and Xbox One.

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Resident Evil 7 Guide: Where to Find the Three Dog Heads

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Resident Evil 7 Guide: Where to Find the Three Dog Heads

In order for players to escape from the main hall to the yard area in Resident Evil 7, they must collect three separate Dog Head items and place...
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